Page prepared by Donald Richardson from charts of William R. Bishop, Jr. and research by the author, Donna Robinson,  Mary Schondelmaier, and Barbara Reale.


Left: 1st M.E. Church, which was started by John Richardson, is on its second building, and still going strong as the Meeting Creek UMC. 

Right: Moore Cemetery Meeting Creek Rd. Hardin Co., KY 

(Photos by Donald Richardson)

John Richardson (10/21/1791 Worcester Co., MD - 6/1/1841 Hardin Co., KY) 
    US Soldier, War of 1812 *1
Elizabeth (Linder d/o Daniel) (10/21/1796 Hardin Co., KY - 9/19/1868 Coles Co., IL) m 10/24/1815 Hardin Co., KY

        Joseph L.*2 Richardson (c1817 Hardin Co., KY -  8/3/1855 Coles Co., IL) 
            moved to IL when mother married C. W. Sawyer, Jr .

        Nancy Richardson (12/3/1817 Hardin Co., KY- 2/7/1886 ?) m 1/22/1838 or 1/23/1839 Hardin Co., KY 
            (note: lived in Washington Co., AR in 1871 *3)
        Silas Cottrell (c1820 - ?)

        John  Richardson (c1820 Hardin Co., KY- before 8/1871 *3)

         Samuel B. *4 Richardson (c1822 Hardin Co., KY  - before 8/1871 *3) m 12/1/1845 
        Elizabeth (Funk d/o William) ( ? - before 1850 likely in 1847 at birth of William # )

                 William John Richardson (1847 Hardin Co., KY - 1869 Coles Co., IL)

  Note: Wm. Richardson is mentioned in the will of  his grandfather William Funk as the son of his late daughter Elizabeth. In the 1850 Hardin Co., KY  Census, Willaim Richardson is living with his uncle Joseph Richardson and Samuel Richardson is shown living alone.

*1 "Roll of Captain Edward Rawling's Company of Infantry of Lieutenant Colonel Commandants Nicholas Miller and Benjamin Wright's Regiments of the Kentucky Militia, Detached, For a Term of Service not Exceeding Six Months, Pursuant to an act of the General Assembly, Approved Third Day of Februyary (sic) 1813." 4th person listed is John Richardson 1st Sergeant March 8, 1813 (muster in) September 8, 1813 "to what time engaged or enlisted" (Battle of Thames [Canada] 1813 - where Tecumseh was killed) (KY Historical Society)

*2  Strong possibility that middle initial "L" is for Linder. There was a Joseph Linder, Elizabeth's brother, who died about the time of his birth.

*3 William S. Richardson died intestate at Moundville Twp. Vernon Co. MO in 1871 leaving as his heirs:  Daniel L. Richardson of Hardin Co. KY,  Robert S. Richardson of Vernon Co. MO,  Nancy  (Richardson) Cottrell of Washington Co. AR, Mary E. (Richardson) Morrison of Bates Co. MO. Not listed as heirs were his brothers John and Samuel B. Richardson and  his sister Sarah (Richardson) Waddill. We know Sarah (Richardson) Waddill had predeceased William and thus can assume the same for brothers John and Samuel B Richardson.  In addition, we can further assume that William had been a bachelor or widower at his death because his heirs were his brothers and sisters.

*4 Some believe that he was named after the father's uncle Samuel Broughton a representative in a legislative body.

*5 Daniel L. Richardson is listed as Daniel S. Richardson in the older Hardin Co., Marriage books and Cds click here.

*6 Daniel L. Richardson [DLR] Civil War Pension file. After DLR returned to Kentucky, he slowly bought back all of the parcels of his father's original land. When DLR gave 1/2 acre to Hardin County. KY for the construction of the Richardson School, a land plot from their records shows that DLR owned over 2000 acres in 1890s. The cash crop in early days was the sale of the white oak for railroad ties, as a result the white oak is now almost gone from the area ... The land was again divided among DLR's heirs. The largest parcel went to son: Jacob F. Richardson because it was considered to be poor land for farming... (taken from conversations with and letter of Samuel Daugherty).

*7  Robert S. Richardson is listed in 1850 US Census for Hardin Co., KY, but as Robert N. Richardson in 1860 US Census for Coles Co., IL. Listed as Robert S. Richardson  in Vernon Co., MO birth records 1883 - 1904 Book 1, record 221.

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