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William Sawyer Richardson (from Samuel Daugherty Collection)


William Sawyer Richardson (5/8/1825 Hardin Co., KY- 8/13/1871 Vernon Co., MO)  d.s.p. ?   Co E  38th  IL  Vol. Inf. (US)

Note: ? William S. Richardson died intestate at Moundville Twp. Vernon Co. MO in 1871 leaving as his heirs:  Daniel L. Richardson of Hardin Co. KY,  Robert S. Richardson of Vernon Co. MO,  Nancy  (Richardson) Cottrell of Washington Co. AR, Mary E. (Richardson) Morrison of Bates Co. MO. Not listed as heirs were his brothers John and Samuel B. Richardson and  his sister Sarah (Richardson) Waddill. We know Sarah (Richardson) Waddill had predeceased William and thus can assume the same for brothers John and Samuel B Richardson.  In addition, we can further assume that William had been a bachelor or widower at his death because his heirs were his brothers and sisters.

This is the quotation I have from Mary Schondelmaier about the McMullin Cemetery:

"Also rechecked the Vernon Co. Cemetery record book by Charles Bernard.  According to it McMullin Cemetery is also called the Kuhlman Cemetery-location Moundville Twp.. 2 miles south & 2 miles east of Moundville.  William S.  Richardson is listed "5/8/1825 - 8/13/1871 son of John and Elizabeth Richardson". Many tombstones broken and recording is therefore incomplete."

The following note (received 3/13/1998) from Patrick Brophy, Director Vernon County Historical Society:

"... The young man who did the Cemetery Directory said he found the landowners in the process of destorying(sic) it
[the McMullin Cemetery] to make a fence line, and they were very upset at being discovered. So just what state the
cemetery is now in I can't say."  and again on 3/24/1998 he writes: "...there is no sign of it [the McMullin Cemetery],
though a lot of clues  cedar trees, yucca plants running wild), and the land is bristling with no trespassing signs."


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