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Martha "Mattie" E. Richardson  in Nevada, MO c 1890 (from Samuel Daugherty Collection)

Robert S. Richardson (c1832  Hardin Co., KY - 8/2/1893  Vernon Co., MO) m ?
Ellender C. Edgerton (9/17/1845 Goldsborrough, NC - 2/7/1884 Vernon Co., MO) *1

    Inez "Inie"*2 "Ina" *7 E. Richardson (2/27/1872 Moundville Twp., Vernon Co., MO - 1/27/1960 Springfield, MO)
    Benjamin F. Mabry (8/1863 TN - 1934 MO) m 4/11/1894 Moundville, Vernon Co., MO

            Blanche Marby (8/1896 MO - ?) m
            ? Rudolfsen (Lived in Pasadena, CA on 1/27/1960)
            Pearl Marby (c1902 MO - ?) m
            ? Lee (Lived in Springdale, AR on 1/27/1960)
            Viola Marby (c1908 MO - ?) m
            M. L. Hooper (Lived in Branson, MO on 1/27/1960)

    Martha E. Richardson (10/22/1873 Moundville Twp., Vernon Co., MO - 7/20/1957 San Diego, CA*8) m after 1/7/1896 *2 
     ? Dixon*8 (note: Lived in California 1924 *3 &*9)

            4 boys and 1 girl *3

    Jessie J. Richardson (11/1875 Moundville Twp., Vernon Co., MO - ?) *4

    Daniel "Dan" Jacob Richardson (c1877/78 *5  MoundvilleTwp., Vernon Co., MO - ?)
    (1) ?
    (2) Sophia Kessler (2/7/1882 Escanaba, MI  - 8/27/1920 Bylthe, CA)  m 11/27/1917 Escondido, CA
            [d/o Julius & Eva (Walch) Kessler of Luxemburg]

    William J. Richardson (11/1880 Moundville Twp., Vernon Co., MO -  ?) *4
    Ellender *1 "Ellenor" *2 or "Ellen" *6 &*9 E. Richardson (2/2/1884 Moundville Twp., Vernon Co., MO - ?*10)

 *1 These records were found, but only one Ellender Richardson was found in the 1880 census therefore I assume that the Ellender mentioned in both citations is the same person (since this is a rare name and the same birthplace) and is the same person who was the wife of Robert S. Richardson :

        The Vernon County, MO birth records of 1883-1901 listed a female child: Ellender Richardson the sixth child of her mother, born 2 Feb. 1884 in  Moundville Twp.  Her father was Robert S. Richardson, age 52 who was born in Hardin County, KY.  Her mother was Ellender Edgerton born in  Goldsborrough, NC. The informant was Robert S. Richardson, Mounds, MO. (Book 1, record 221).

        Vernon County, MO death records of 1883-1904 listed Ellender C. Richardson (male) who died 6 Feb. 1884, age 38 years 4 months 20 days.   He  was a farmer born in Goldsborrough, NC who died in Moundville Twp of consumption of lungs & loss of blood.  He was buried at Moundville, MO 8  Feb. 1884. (Record #88). [Ellender, Robert's wife was dead by 1/7/1896 *2]

Note:    The graves of Robert S. Richardson and Ellender C. Richardson have not been found. The McMullan Cemetery (AKA Khulman Cemetery)  is where Robert's brother William S. Richardson (1825 - 1871) was buried. The McMullan Cemetery appears to have been located on R.S. Richardson land according to the 1886 Hall and Babbs map of Vernon County.

The following note (received 3/13/1998) from:
Patrick Brophy, Director
Vernon County Historical Society
Bushwhacker Museum
231 North Main Street
Nevada, Missouri 64772,
     could explain why their tombstones have not been found:

"... The young man who did the Cemetery Directory said he found the landowners in the process of destorying(sic) it [the McMullin Cemetery] to make a fence line, and they were very upset at being discovered. So just what state the cemetery is now in I can't say."  and again on 3/24/1998 he writes: "...there is no sign of it [the McMullin Cemetery], though a lot of clues  cedar trees, yucca plants running wild), and the land is bristling with no trespassing signs."

(The author has complained  to the Missouri Department of Health, Jefferson City, MO about the desecration of  this cemetery!)

*2  probate court of  Vernon County, Missouri  document  dated 1/7/1896. [Robert S. Richardson died intestate]

*3  Letter from Richard Levi Richardson dated 9/16/1924 "Mattie" was living in Los Angeles and "Dan" was a "cotton raiser" in the Imperial Valley of California. It is interesting to find Richard Levi Richardson as the next door neighbor to his uncle Robert S. Richardson in the Vernon Co., MO 1880 census.  More information on Richard Levi Richardson, click here.

*4 1900 Vernon Co., MO census.

*5 11/27/1917 California Marriage Certificate list "Dan" as 39 and Sophia as 36.

*6 1900 Bates Co., MO census living with aunt Mary E. Morrison.

*7 1920 Vernon Co., MO census .

*8 California Death Records search done by Mary Schondelmaier.

*9 Onatraio CA "Park Record" Oct. 6, 1926 "...Mrs. J.E. Williams a cousin of Mr. [Jacob F.] Richardson."

*10 A social security death index computer search found 5 women (and 1 man) born in "1884" and a first name "Ell*", of these: a white caucasian widow named Ellen Scullin, born 2/2/1884 who died in LA, California at age 102 on 12/18/1986 showed all of her references to ancestors and places as "unknown" on her CA death certificate.

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