Page prepared by Donald Richardson  from research by the author, Samuel Daugherty, and Brunetta  Lingg

Richard Levi Richardson family Park City, Utah c 1890 (from Samuel Daugherty Collection)

Richard Levi Richardson (2/23/1857 Hardin Co. Ky - 5/19/1928 Portland, OR) m 2/27/1889 Vernon Co., MO
Jennie Russell * (9/29/1868 Johnson, MO - 7/21/1963 CA) [d/o William Thomas & Harriett Phebe (Claunch)]

    Grace Ann Richardson (1/10/1896 Park City, Summit, Utah -  8/21/1993 Independence, Polk, OR) m
    Leslie P. Davis (? - before 8/21/1993)

            Virginia Ruth Davis (3/13/1930 Portland, OR - ) 
             (1) John Rutherford m 3/1/1953
                        Julie Grace Rutherford (9/29/1953 - )
                        (1) Robert William Orauski
                                    Amy Orauski
                                    Brian Orauski
                        (2) Bryan John Carrier
                                    Cathryn Lucia Carrier
                                    Diana Ruth Carrier
                                    Elizabeth Anne Carrier
                        (3) [name change to Davis]
                                    Anthony Mathew Davis

                        Stephanie Ann Rutherford (7/25/1955 - )m
                        Anthony Mistretta
                                    Angeina Theresa Ministretta

                       John Matthew Rutherford (2/17/1957 - )

             (2) Robert S. Sonnenschein m 1/14/1964
                        Richard David Sonnenschein (5/20/1964 - ) m
                                  Jakob Richard Sonnenschein

                     Shawn Edward Sonnenschein (7/2/1966 - )

Front of Richard Levi Richardson tombstone Back  Grace Ann (Richardson) Davis 
(Photos taken by Brunetta Lingg, Rose City Cemetery, Portland, OR Jan. 1998) 

Historical notes:

Richard Levi Richardson is shown in the Hardin Co., KY census for 1860 and 1870. In 1880, he is listed as, single, in Vernon Co., MO living next to his uncle, Robert S. Richardson. His wife Jennie was born in MO. "Lee" as he was called was next found living in Park City, UT c1890 in what we call today, the recycling business. When the mines closed and the metals market has dropped, Lee moved his family to Portland, OR. He mentioned in letters from there that he was living near the "center of the city" and was still in the recycling business.

Jennie married a Mr. Steele and she is buried as Jennie Richardson Steele in the grave in front of Richard Levi.

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