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Donald Charles Richardson, BAS, MScEng, MEd, MS, PhD

Computer Science and Applied Math

My Richardson Family Tree


Left: Sonya 1984 - Right: Bryan, Linda, Chris, Kara, Donald, and Derek 2004.

Photos from Donald Richardson collection.

Donald Charles Richardson (6/6/1937 Glendale, LA, CA - )  [SAR #150659]*
(1) Judith Ann Ockerman (8/5/1943 Pottstown, PA - ) m 1961 LA, CA - 1969 Monterey, CA

Sonya Margaret Richardson (11/16/1964 Panorama City, LA,  CA - ) m 5/20/1989 Santa Barbara, CA
John Philip Wrigley Sider [s/o Dr. John William and Anna Marilyn (Showell) Sider] (8/25/1964 Canada - )

(2) Linda Marie Tholin (10/20/1943 Aurora, IL - ) m 1969 San Francisco, CA - 1984 NY

Bryan Charles Richardson (12/14/1970 Petaluma, Sonoma, CA- )
Mrs. DiAnne (Mac Glauclin) Silverio [children acknowledged by father] (3/17/1970-)

Noah Charles Richardson (4/13/2000, San Rafael, Marin, CA - )
Hannah  Emily Richardson (12/24/2002
, Burlington, Chittenden, VT- )


Derek Russell Richardson (8/18/1972 Welland, ON, Canada - ) m 6/15/2003 San Ramon, CA
Amy Wan-Chi Lai (10/4/1972 Taiwan - )

             Dean  Kai Richardson (4/6/2007 Fremont, Alameda, CA-  )


Kara Lynn Richardson (6/8/1974 Toronto, ON, Canada - ) m 10/2/2004 Waitsfield, Vermont
Christopher Paul Whitely (9/29/1973
South Korea - )

              Anna Sophia Whitely (2/9/2008 Summit, NJ - )

* Sons of the American Revolution National Society number for 6 patriot ancestors on both sides of the family (so far): Two direct line Richardson patriots: John Richardson (1728-1781) and Pvt. Robert Richardson (1753 - 1803) of the Snow Hill Battalion, Maryland [John Richardson was also in the Maryland Militia during the French and Indian War]; Sgt/Ensign Daniel Linder of General George Rogers Clark's Illinois Regiment (Battle of Piqua); Pvt/Sgt Jerad Farrand of the Green Mountain Boys Battles of Ticonderoga, Hubbardton[VT],Bennington and Saratoga. Wounded at the Battle of Saratoga, but witnessed British General Burgoyne's surrender - Jared's father Thomas Farrand, Jr., during the French and Indian War, was captured by the French when Fort William Henry fell (August 1757) and was taken to Canada and then to France, where he died in 1758; Pvt Clem. Gillihan 13th, 9th, and 7th Virginia Regt.(Clem did not change units, it was renumbered twice! Wounded in the hip at Brandywine, he served most of his time at Fort Pitt) 1777-1783; and Maj John Hardin supplied boats for George Roger Clark's Battle of Vincennes. The last gentleman was also in the French and Indian War as Capt. John Hardin of the VA Militia, under Col. George Washington. By the way, two out of three of my French and Indian War veteran ancestors were of French Huguenot ancestry.

While I am mentioning my warrior ancestors my ggg-grandfather John Richardson (1791-1841) was a Sgt in the War of 1812 (Battle of Thames [Canada] 1813 - where Tecumseh was killed); my gg-grandfather Daniel Linder Richardson was the First Sgt of CO I in the 10th KY Vol. Inf. (US) during the Civil War (Battles of Shiloh, Chickamauga, ..., Atlanta). Daniel L. Richardson's bother-in-law Cpl. Levi Funk 1st KY Cav. (US) died at Andersonville [GA] (CSA POW Camp) Levi's father William Funk was in the Mexican War (1846-1848) and his grandfather LT. Joseph Funk was at the Battle of New Orleans in 1814. My ggg-grandfather Pvt John Noblit of the 1st PA Rifle Battalion (Sharpshooters) helped defend Baltimore, MD in the War of 1812. Also, my father served in World War II in the Pacific Theater with the US Merchant Marine and my grandfather served in the US Navy during the Spanish American War. I served in the US Army (1954-1957) and I am considered a Korean War vet plus I also served in the US Navy (1965-1969) Vietnam. So my family has served in all Wars since the French and Indian War, except World War I (so far as I know), up to my generation.

These ancestors had another side, John Richardson (1791-1841) started a Methodist church which is still in use today on the original site. Daniel L. Richardson became a Methodist minister after the War of the Rebellion. I had to hang up my swim fins and go back to school due to my 100% disability rating from my Vietnam War service. I would like to thank my son Bryan for coming down with Gulf War I Syndrome! The US Army said that his illness was due to his genes, after his service with the 160th Special Operations Air Regt. - I traced my family line back to when they first moved to Scotland in the 1424 for 19+ generations, just to prove them wrong! Bryan is now 50% disabled from that War. As a check on my work, for my Richardson line: 20 generations over 600 years is 30 years per generation. This fits the averages, based upon the ways of calculation in How Long Is a Generation? By Donn Devine, CG, CGI. Lastly, let me not leave the impression that I did all of my genealogy by myself. Parts of my line are well researched, so I only had to find the connections to them. Credit is given to those who helped me on each page of this web site.


MEMBERSHIPS and OFFICES (currently held)

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

Military Order of the Purple Heart (Life Member).

Sigma Xi, The Honorary Scientific Research Society (Life Member).

The Jamestowne Society (Life member).

Order of First Families of Maryland (Life Member).

The Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Florida (Deputy Secretary, Historian, and Webmaster).

Florida Brevard Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution (Executive Committee).

Florida Camp #4, Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War (Patriotic Chairman).

Florida Camp, Sons of Spanish American War Veterans (Camp President; National Trustee).

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