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There are several issues which make the various dates, ancestors, and descendants of Robert Richardson and Susanna (Smith) Richardson subject of debate. This page is an attempt to show both sides of these issues and this page is intended to be a forum or place to ask questions or throw out possible solutions to many of these genealogical puzzles. Please understand that the material appearing here is only discussion material and not necessarily proven fact! Permission to publish here is granted by the individuals quoted, under the provisions stated above.

What is known of the religion of first Robert Richardson and his children?

What is the birth year of Robert Richardson's first son William?

The birth year and birth place of Robert Richardson of Mount Ephraim Plantation.

Were Robert and David Richardson of Worcester County, Maryland brothers?

Some references have many Robert Richardson listed as Robert M. or Robert Martin, which is correct?

For current questions being discussed about the Richard Smiths in early Virginia

Who was William J. Richardson (1847 Hardin Co., KY - 1869 Coles Co., IL) ?

When did Robert Richardson (c1753 - c1803) die and how and was his wife's name Mary or Nancy?

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