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From letter of 27 March 1997 by William R. Bishop, Jr.

"William Richardson, son of Robert (d.1682) was under 16 years old according to his father's will signed 7 Dec 1680; therefore he cannot have been born before 1665 (Wor. Co. Wills MH#3, p.6). On 19 Mar 1682/2 William Richardson and Attalanton (sic) Osborne witnessed an agreement and on 14 Nov 1683 they swore in court to having seen the agreement signed (Som. Co. Md. Court Records, 1683-84, pp 6-7). I doubt very much that an underaged lad would have been used to witness a complicated agreement and therefore I believe that this was another and (to me) unknown William Richardson. Still another unconnected Richardson - Angell - lived in what is now Wicomico County (Land Records of Wico. Co.) as early as 1675, married a Joane and had at least two children Elizabeth b. 22 Nov 1680 and John b. 13 Apr 1693 (Som. Co. Lib. 1KL). His land apparently passed (no will) to his daughter, and I have not tried to trace the line..."

In addition, from Adventures of Purse and Person pg 571

regarding the issue of Robert Richardson who died 10 Sep 1682: "William, under 16 in 1680, devised one-half of "Mount Ephraim" and sold his inheritance, as 500 acres 9 July 1693, having purchased his sister's  portion the day before, as mentioned, 1713, as 'having departed this Province Twenty years agoe (sic) and is all men's Opinion deceased'..."

and on page 573

referring to Robert (d.1682) issue Charles' son: "Robert" (1705/6 -  1788) "of Worchester Co., Md., claimed the land of William Richardson who died without issue as his brother's eldest son."

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