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From the Maryland State Archives, Pamphlet entitled "Some of the Descendants of John Richardson an Early Settler on the Eastern Shore of Maryland" dated 1969. no author shown

The relevant part is:


These branches were established by Robert and David Richardson who moved from Accomac County, Virginia, to Maryland about 1666 but are not known to be brothers; however, we note that the early descendants of the two branches did not marry each other. David purchased a 1000 acres on Boequetenorten Bay (Southeast of Snow Hill, Worchester(sic) County and Robert purchased 5000 acres near Berlin and at Watermelon Point (North of Boequetenorten Bay). Both families named their children Charles and Robert and (after the Revolution) "George". * It was this usage of names that prompted my research on the Worchester (sic) County Richardsons. The search did not disclose any connection between the Worchester (sic) families and Henry's (R111) descendants.

* Note: During the Revolution, Queen Anne's, Caroline, and Talbot Counties of Maryland and Kent County, Delaware, favored independence; whereas the Southern portion of Delmarva Peninsula favored the King."

William R. Bishop, Jr. states in a letter of 27 March 1997, about the above quotation: "..., seems sound to me. If they had been brothers, I would have expected to see their names joined on some document - i.e. witnessing one - another's will, acting as surety, etc."

Mr. Vaughn Baker has stated the following on this subject, in "The Richardsons of Mt. Ephraim" 5/6/1987:

"In 1682 Rev. David Richardson (D1683) was active in the ministry, and established on his plantation "Wiltshire" which is located in the Boxiron region. Rev Davis was a neighbor to Robert Richardson and both took an active part in religious duties in the area during this period. This is pure speculation, but at this point I would "bet" that both Robert and Rev. David were brothers, and that perhaps Rev. Daniel Richardson, established in Onancock in 1655 was their father. When Rev. david (sic) Richardson died in 1695 and left the following children; Elizabeth, William, John, Ann, Hannah. More study of the Virginia records is required to determine the relationship among these men."

Later, Vaughn Baker changed to the following form "The Richardsons of Worcester County" 6/14/1988:

"Rev. David Richardson is probably the same person as Rev. Daniel Richardson who was preaching in Cheriton, Northampton [County, VA] prior to coming to Maryland. He obviously had a lot of money, and when he came to Worcester [County, MD] he settled near Snow Hill by purchasing two massive properties and a total 1000A. It is a coincidence that he arrived so near another Richardson?"

"He was a preacher in 1682. Rev. David wrote his will on December 23, 1695, and died on April 28, 1696. It would seem that he was even the same age as Robert Richardson. Both men were preachers, although David Richardson was the most active. Another coincidence?"

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