Page prepared by Donald Richardson from charts of William R. Bishop, Jr.

Descendants of Charles and Violetta Richardson m. c. 1699

Descendants of Charles with Mary Bratton m. 1716

 * In a letter dated April 28, 1998, William R. Bishop, Jr. Had one item of possible interest:

 "The April 8, 1881 Democratic Messenger  (Snow Hill, MD) published a letter by the pastor of the Makemie Memorial Presbyterian Church telling about the erection of the new church building in 1751 to replace the original church in use since 1684. Among those who both contributed to the building fund and also helped pay the pastors salary in 1751 were James Richardson, Robert Richardson, and Charles Richardson - all sons of Charles Richardson who died in 1727. Also the earliest Sessions Book of the church shows that John Richardson was "set apart" on 17 Nov 1751 as an Elder of the Makemie Memorial Church. So it seems that Charles Richardson, Sr. and probably the first Robert were Presbyterians. Too bad there are not any earlier church records."


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