James Richardson(b.1806-7)

This lineage connects from Robert Richardson(c.1635) as follows:

Robert(c.1635) > Charles(b1672) > Robert(b1705) > Robert(b1742) > Benjamin(b1774-6) > James(b1806-7)

James Richardson(1806/7 - 1871) m. (1) 1834 Levicia Bowen (1813/4 - 1853?) (2) 1854 Nicey Johnson (1821/2 - 1870)

* Note: Although it has confused the Richardsons for years, Captain James Scott was perfectly legal in his marriages to the Richardson girls. Scott had twenty children by three marriages. His first wife was Susan Hoffman, and they had by that marriage Mary Elizabeth Scott. After Susan Hoffman's death, Captain Scott married Margaret Richardson. When Margaret died, Scott married her sister Mary Richardson. Meanwhile, his daughter by his first marriage, Mary Elizabeth Scott, was getting older and married John Taylor Richardson, the brother of her step- mothers).

Captain James Scott's Ocean House was one of the very first luxuary hotels build along the Atlantic Ocean in the middle Atlantic region.

Captain Thomas Scott, brother of James, had a contract for the und erwater work on the Brooklyn Bridge when this was all very new and dangerous.

The Richardson girls worked at Scotts Ocean House, the Bakers (see John Taylor Richardson) worked both in the Life Saving Service and operated the ship FAIRFIELD which took people and supplies to Scotts Ocean house, and was named after FAIRFIELD plantation which had been inherited by the wife of James Richardson, the widow of Judge Conner of the Fairfield plantation.

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