Margaret Matilda Bonneville (b. 12/18/1859 d. 4/12/1938)

"Till" as she was known to the family was the daughter of James Bonnevile (b. c1815 d. c1871) and Priscilla Spencer. "Till" married James T. Richardson and lived in the Box Iron area of Worcester County, Maryland not far from site of the Mt. Ephraim plantation. The date of marriage is unknown, (guessing that it was about 1880 from the birth of their first child). James and Margaret Matilda lived in the Box Iron area of Worcester County and had 10 children.

The family is remembered by Carolyn Bonneville, a neice of Margaret Matilda. Carolyn remembers her father, Margaret Matilda's brother, saying, "Here comes Till with another baby!", obviously refering to her virtue of fertility. Some of the children appear in an 1899 photograph of the Box Iron School, near Snow Hill, Maryland. The family moved to Salisbury in the very early 1900's, pobably sometime between 1900 and 1905. All of the children were born in the Box Iron area and they include; Robert J., Charles Muller, George Elwood, Archie L., Hattie L., Blanche M., Beulah M., Vaughn M., Elsie Priscilla, and Howard Thomas.

December, 1996 - research from collection of George Elwood Richardson, III