A View Of Salisbury, Maryland From The Air
photo taken circa 1926

This photo was published in Delmarva From The Air, Carl H. Monsees, Tour Picture Albums, Snow Hill, MD. The photographer was Victor Dallin of Landsowne, PA. The library cataglog states that the book was published 1926 - 1928. This picture also appeared on the front page of the Salisbury Evening Times on August 10, 1926 in an article discribing the failure of the dam earlier in the day. Since the lake is intact, this photo was taken some time prior to August of 1926.

To the West, Johnsons Lake, it's dam and the railroad trestle crossing the lake are easily visible. To the East, the railroad runs North and South over the East prong of the Wicomico River. The National Guard Armory building is aproximately center and the area around the armory and to the right is the old Humphreys Lake bed which was drained in 1909 when the dam on this prong of the river failed. (read news article about 1909 dam break).


February 1998, web page author George E. Richardson, III