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A Spanish American War Sailor Writes Home

Robert J. Richardson
US Flag Ship Brooklyn
Sydney, Australia
June 17, 1901
Letter addressed to: Charles Richardson, Box Iron, Wor Co., Md, United States of America

Dear Bro,

I recd your letter on the 15th, dated March 14. I was glad to hear from you, I am well and hope you are the same. I got a letter from Mother was suprised to learn of the death of MRs. Bromley and old man Josh. I hope you are making out all right. I have certainly enjoyed life in Australia. I hope we never go back to the Asiatic Station. Have you heard of Aquialnalado [sp?] capture. He was commander of the Philipino Rebels against us and the figting in the Philipines will soon be over. I got a letter from a ship mate of mine on the Kentucky at Manilla saying that nearly all the ships on the Asiatic station wer ordered home. I think the Brooklyn also. some think we will return to Manilla and others think we will be ordered home from here. The Navy department has decided to organize a Mediterainian squadron and the Brooklyn to be Flag ship. I hope it is so. But I heard something I hope will come true more than all the rest. It was that the Brooklyn was going to leave Australia in Sep. and take a 15 month cruise home and stop at the following ports, Capetown, Gibtraltar, Havre France, Southampton England, Portsmouth England, Copenhagen Denmark, Stockholm Sweden and also stop at the Corrination of the King which takes place next year in Eangland. If the Brooklyn was to .... at the Corrination of the King and I am still one of her crew, it would be one of the greatest events of my life I guess. I must close.

Your Bro, R.J. Richardson,U.S.S. Brooklyn, Sydney, Australia

September 1998 from the collection of web page author, George E. Richardson, III