Extracts Of Old Eastern Shore Newspapers

Salisbury Advertiser Oct 15, 1871

"Sudden Death - Mrs. Elizabeth Collier, who had long suffered with disease of the heart, while going to the Presbyterian church last Sunday evening, was suddenly seized with a violent paroxysm of this fatal malady and expired in a few minutes."

"Died - GORDY - On the 11th inst., after a lingering sickness, Mrs. Leah M. Gordy, relict of the late Sam'l Gordy."

Salisbury Advertiser Oct 21, 1871

"Magazines, Periodicals & etc.- Mr. R. D. Ellegood has for sale at the Post Office, all the leading periodicals and the most brilliant weekly's of the day. Magazines and Reviews furnished at the shortest notice."

"Police Court Items. - Wm. Cannon was arrested last Saturday, by officer Crouch, on a peace warrant issued October 2nd, and committed to Princess Anne Jail by Justice Bush, in default of three hundred dollars bail."

"The Camden bridge, which long needed repairs, was thoroughly renovated a few days ago."

Salisbury Advertiser Oct 28, 1871

"Purify your blood - Dr. Crooks Compound Syrup of Poke Root."

"Freights - Freights on the Eastern Shore Railroad is increasing. It is supposed that the gross monthly receipts will amount to nearly $15,000."

"At Work - The Bailiff has at last cleaned the street lamps - some shells have been thrown into several first class holes in the streets. Unparalelled activity!"

"New Schooner - E. E. Jackson & Co. are building, near the old bridge, a large schooner about 75 feet in length. It is supposed she will be ready to be launched by the Spring."

"Pump Repaired - Captain J. T. Hooper, and A. J. Wood Esqr., have had the old pump on Main street repaired, and it is now in first rate working order."

"F. C. Todd, at Five Points, has reduced best Sugar cured hame to 18 cents; Dried Beef 23 cts; prime butter 35 cts; cheese 18 cts; Port Rico Sugar 10 @ 12 1/2 cts."

"Town Ordinance - The Town Commissioners have passed a town ordinance, requiring the citizens to clean out their hog pens and sinks once every month; also prohibiting any from throwing paper or trash of any kind on the street, under the penalty of a fine imposed for that purpose."

"Horse Killed - Last Saturday afternoon as a large boiler swung to a timber cart was being conveyed down Main street, the chains sustaining it, parted, and the boiler fell to the ground with a loud noise, which so frightened a horse attached to the cart, as to cause him to run furiously down Main street to Camden street,and thence into the window of Ulman & Bro's. Store, smashing the window and so injuring himself as to cause death in a few hours."


The residence of Capt. John E. Fontaine, in Princess Anne, took fire last week, but before much damage was done the flames were extinguished.

The citizens of Crisfield are excited over the settlement of the boundary line between Maryland and Virginia.

Last week, a son of George Moore was fatally burned.

Miss Emma Mealy, the Tyaskin Spiritualist, was carried before Justice Rowe in Dames Quarter, last Monday, for disturbing public worship the previous Sunday."


---- Chilcut, of Denton, died on --- instant, from an accidental inflicted wound with an axe.

A son of J. W. Banning, near Concord, was run over by a horse a few days since and had a leg broken."

Salisbury Advertiser Nov 4, 1871


On last Friday week, the son of Mr. Thos. Long, aged about three years, fell from a cart near Marion Station. The wheel of the cart passed over his body, and he was instantly killed.

Mr. Wm. E. Cantwell, a resident of this county met with a dreadful accident on Tuesday last, which resulted in his death. He was at work in the Saw Mill of Messrs. Hufty Bros., near town, and at the time of the accident was lifting a slab over the saw. The slab touched the saw, which was running at full speed, and violently moved, which movement threw Mr. Cantwell on the saw. The saw struck the poor man on the leg cutting it nearly off, split his arm and nearly laid open his skull. Medical aid was secured at once, but the shock to his nervous system was so severe that he could not recover, but died in a few hours. Mr. C. was about 27 years of age and was married 18 months ago - he was a good citizen and highly respected, and his untimely end has cast a gloom over the neighborhood in which he resided. Somerset Herald"


Ezekiel Timmons who was cut, as is said, by James Twig, is lingering in a dangerous condition.

The local oyster law for this County passed in 1868 was up yesterday for construction by the court, but decision had not been rendered when we went to press. The question is whether Virginia citizens can be employed by Worcester citizens to work on the oyster beds in taking oysters. - Messenger."

Salisbury Advertiser Nov 11, 1871

"A young man tells us that a man living in this community is so lazy that he has quit chewing tobacco because it requires an effort to spit."

"Serenade - The Band serenaded Joshua Johnson Esqr., candidate elect

for House of Delegates, and J. Augustus Parsons Esqr., candidate elect for State's Attorney, last Thursday evening."


The Schooner Commodore Dryden, Elias Bailey, Esqr., (of Hungary Neck, in this county), captain, while lying in the Delaware River off New Castle was boarded by a band of pirates, who demanded the Captains money and other valuables. Captain Bailey, seeing the force against him was too strong to be successfully resisted, had to yield to their demands and gave up everything they asked for. He had taken a load of wool to Philadelphia, and had disposed of his wool for $495, and was on his way home when he was boarded and robbed. We are not aware that any complaint was made to the Delaware authorities, but the boldness of the deed would lead us to think that the police force of that State is not such as could have rendered very effectual aid. - Herald"


Elkton has contributed $175 in money, and a large amount of clothing for the relief of the Chicago sufferers.

Albert Heitzik, a boy 12 years of age, was killed last week near Elkton, by being caught in the belt of a Saw Mill."


TAYLOR - TURNER. On the 1st inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev J. G. Haniner, Mr. A. Sydney Taylor to Miss Elizabeth K. Turner, both of this county."

"DIED DARCEY - At Crisfield, Md., on the 5th inst., Mrs. Catherine Darcey, aged 50 years, her remains were interred in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery."

Salisbury Advertiser Nov 18, 1871

"Dr. Wm. T. Smith is having his house on Main Street newly painted."

"A heavy storm of wind and rain visited this section last Tuesday. This gratified mill owners exceedingly as it filled the ponds and enabled them to resume the work of sawing lumber and grinding grain."

"Wife beating - Ebbin Toadvine (col.) was before Squire Truitt yesterday, charged with beating his wife. Guilty - fined 50 cts. and costs."

"Cut his foot - Mr. Addison Smith, while hewing a piece of timber with a broad axe last Thursday, cut his foot very badly."

"Quick run - Capt. Perry fields, of schooner John Henry, owned by Messrs. E. E. Jackson & Co., made the run from Baltimore to the anchorage near Salisbury, this week in eleven hours. This is accounted, by old sailors on the Wicomico river, the quickest run every made by a vessel from Baltimore to this point."

"Vessel Beached - On Friday morning of last week, during the prevalence of a storm, the schooner D. C. French, loaded with pine boards, from Wilmington, N. C., bound for Philadelphia, went ashore on the beach a little below Scott's. All the crew were saved. The vessel will probably be a total wreck."


On the evening of the 8th inst., the Democracy of this county celebrated their victory, with a grand torchlight procession at Princess Anne. Several speeches were made by prominent citizens, and all were jubilant over the triumphant success of their party ticket."


The democratic majority in this county at the recent election was 776. The entire ticket was elected."


Mr. Alexander Cahall, residing near Marshy Hope Bridge, met with a serious accident on Saturday last while on a gunning expedition. While passing through the woods loading one of the barrels of his gun, the trigger caught in the bushes, causing the loaded barrel to explode; the entire load passed through the right hand, tearing off the entire hand except the index finger. The wound is very painful, and it is thought amputation at the wrist will become necessary. - Journal"

"Little graves - Several Sundays since, while passing through the part allotted to the colored people in the public cemetery at the Depot, we were struck with the large excess of children's graves over those of adults. We should judge that two thirds or even three fourths of the graves in the lot were little graves. We are at a loss to account for this disparity. We never noticed in any other burying ground."

Salisbury Advertiser Nov 25, 1871

"The Bailiff carries a wisp of hair in his vest pocket as a trophy of the battle at Crouch's."

"Just received - Mink Sable, Alaska Mink and Squirrel Furs at A. G. Toadvine & Co's. Ladies are requested to call and price them - no charge for showing."

"A muddle - The Bailiff, Anthony Crouch, was hauled up before Squire Truitt on Wednesday last for an alleged assault on a Mr. Fitzgerald in the drinking saloon kept by Charles Crouch, on Back Street. The Bailiff deposed that he went in there to preserve order while a fight was going on, and while endeavoring to put a quietus upon the disorder, Fitzgerald pulled a handful of whiskers out of his very abundant crop, upon which he went for him with his cane. Mr. Fitzgerald's testimony established, in the mind of Squire Truitt, a fact directly to the contrary and he accordingly fined the Bailiff for assault, whereupon the Bailiff took and appeal and the matter will be adjusted by the Circuit Court."


On Saturday night last, while Geo. Bozman was asleep a the Hotel in Princess Anne, an unknown person stole $50, from his pockets.

A terrific storm passed over this county last week, which blew down several of the Telegraph poles along the track of the E. S. Railroad, and did considerable other damage.

On the 11th inst., Captain Azariah Nelson, was struck by the boom of his vessel, and knocked overboard within two miles of Crisfield and was immediately drowned."

"On Thursday of last week, a schooner loaded with pine plank, from North Carolina, was wrecked on the beach near Scott's Ocean House. It is said she lost her bearing, on account of her compass being out of order."

"On the evening of the 13th inst., a colored woman, named Milly Jane attempted to poison her husband, Abel Robins, by infusing arsenic in his food. The two have not been on good terms for some time past, and the dissatisfied wife adopted this mode to get clear of her husband. The attempt at poisoning did not prove fatal."

February 1997, from the collection of George E. Richardson, III Email: georich@gclock.com