Page prepared by Donald Richardson based on George (Buddy) Richardson email message.


  After reaching Salisbury (MD) on either highway (Rt. 13 or Rt 50) there are signs for Rt. 12 exit to Snow Hill.


        If you follow the lime green line to Public Landing, the last road on the right before one runs into Chincoteague Bay is Bayside oad.  Going south (the only way) on Bayside Rd leads you to the Mt. Ephraim house on the left (the bay side).  Remembering, me thinks it's bout 1 or 2 miles.  The house is easy to spot and has a sign.

        Accross the road from Mt. Ephraim is another cemetery in a group of trees in somebody's back yard, which is where many of the Richardsons (and Robert Richardson supposedly) are buried.  I've never gone there to search as the times I've gone down noone was home and I wasn't sure how hospitable the neighbors would have been.