Hattie L. Richardson (birth death not known)

Information not complete. From family members she moved to Chincotegue and married Reuben G. Phipps. They had a daughter Lulu, from a previous marriage of Reubens. Lulu is remembered as being "not quite right". Mary "Maime" Richardson (daughter of Mary E. Scott Richardson) was married to Reuben Phipps and was the mother of Lulu. Reuben evidently married Marys first cousin Hattie.

Carolyn Richardson McMurran remembers: "When Hattie died, my father was much affected. He said she was a good woman, and she indeed was a very sweet person. I remember going to see her and Uncle Reuben when you had to go to Chincoteague by boat.

Uncle Reuben was head of an oyster company. Every fall he sent us a barrel of oysters and we sent him a Smithfield ham and we kept the oysters on the back porch. I still have my father's oyster knife. At night, on the island, you could hear the ponies running around and trampling the yards.

I wouldn't say that Lulu Phipps was "not quite right", though she was certainly no beauty and somewhat bowlegged. As I recall, she was a schoolteacher. She was fond of Hattie and looked after her in her last illness (intestinal cancer). I had not known she was also Hattie's cousin's daughter. Who was Mary Scott Richardson? I recall going to see "Aunt Mary Scott", who also lived on Light Street, I think.

Hattie was the oldest girl. I would place her death in the late forties or early fifties, but I'm not at all sure."

December, 1996 - research from collection of George Elwood Richardson, III