Grier Family Newspaper Clips
From Nineteenth Century Salisbury, Maryland
A Feature Of Grandfathers Clock

Salisbury Advertiser Nov 10, 1888

"The firm of Grier Bros. who have been negotiating for the past month with parties here for the purpose of locating their machine shops in Salisbury, have consummated their contracts and will go to work immediately at moving their plant.  People are beginning to appreciate the advantages which Salisbury offers to manufacturers.  Several other companies are also negotiating to move their plant here."

Salisbury Advertiser Nov 24, 1888

"The Laurel Gazette says: "We understand that Messrs. R. D. & F. A. Grier have given up the idea of permanently locating in Laurel, and have determined to remove to Salisbury.  This is to be regretted, and every effort should be made to induce them to remain in our midst. It is not for a lack of business that causes them to leave Laurel, but as we understand it, they were disappointed, in getting ground at a reasonable price, upon which to locate their machine shops. They are first class machinists, a business which is of paramount importance to our town.  We sincerely hope they can be induced to remain with us." (Salisbury can give them a big business and plenty of cheap ground upon which to conduct it. Ed)"

Salisbury Advertiser Dec 1, 1888

"The brass and iron foundry of Grier Bros. will be in operation in Salisbury by the early part of next year.  The buildings are in course of erection and the machinery will soon be put in."

Salisbury Advertiser Dec 8, 1888

"The City Council at its last meeting granted a permit to Grier Brothers for the erection of a frame building near the N. Y. Phila. & N. Railroad depot.  The new structure is intended for their iron and brass foundry."

Salisbury Advertiser Feb 22, 1890

"George McBriety, notorious in our town for his diabolical conduct and general cussedness, was severely horsewhipped last Thursday morning by R. D. and F. A. Grier, whose families he was abusing in the most insulting manner, as he had
done on several occasions previously.  McBriety was arrested during the day and lodged in jail and given a hearing Friday morning.  He was sentenced to six months in the House of Correction, but his lawyers took an appeal."

Salisbury Advertiser April 26, 1890

"Mr. Robert D. Grier of Salisbury Machine shops has been superintending the repair of the draw bridge at Laurel."

Salisbury Advertiser Dec 19,1891

"Messrs. Grier Bros. of the Salisbury Foundry, are at the present engaged in manufacturing a lot of machinery for a Philadelphia firm, which is to be used in a basket factory at Oxford, N. Y. These gentlemen are supplying nearly all the
basket factories of the peninsula with machinery.  Their work recommends itself."

Salisbury Advertiser April 16, 1892

"Mr. Wellington Grier, nephew of R. D and F. A. Grier met with a serious accident yesterday morning while at work at Grier Bros. Shop.  He was standing on the engine bed reaching above when he lost his footing and fell, one foot going between the bed and the eccentric rod which was in motion, breaking his leg.  He was taken to his home and treated by Dr. Dennis and Eulton."

Salisbury Advertiser May 27, 1893

"Three carloads of machinery for the new planing mill of E. S. Adkins arrived Saturday.  The cars contained the engine and boilers, planers, resaws, etc.  Mr. Adkins recently purchased the entire interest of the Powellsville Manufacturing company of Powellsville and will move the machinery to his Salisbury.  Messrs. Grier Bros. are supplying all the new machinery and have the contract for placing the machinery in position."

Salisbury Advertiser April 20, 1901

"Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Grier will celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of their marriage Friday evening, April 26 at their home on Division Street."

Salisbury Advertiser April 20, 1901

"Master Ralph Grier, son of Mr. R. D. Grier, had his hip dislocated while playing with the other boys at school Friday morning. Dr. Slemons & Morris treated the injury."

Wicomico Weekly News Feb 27, 1919

"Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Grier left on Wednesday for Spartanburg, S. C., to visit their daughter Lydia, who is a nurse a the Base Hospital, Camp Wadsworth."

compiled by George E. Richardson, III - webpage author September, 1997