Blanche M. Richardson (birth not known D 1970's)

Blanche was never married she moved to Baltimore and worked as a nurses aid. She died in a nursing home in Baltimore after an leg amputation and was cremated in Baltimore. "Aunt Blanche is remembered by her grand neices and nephews for telling the stories of "Brer' Rabbit and Brer' Fox" and falling asleep while telling them.

Carolyn Richarson McMurran remembers: "Blanche was also a character, very independent. She had a distinctive sense of humor. I used to visit the apartment on Calvert Street, near Goucher College, when she and Elsie and their mother lived there. She would read Uncle Remus tirelessly to us. Once when I was flying to Arizona with our 3-year old son and had to change planes in Baltimore, Blanche came out to the airport to see us briefly. I guess that was the last time I saw her, 1964.* We used to exchange Christmas notes, but they gradually ceased. She amused me.

After my mother's death when it became evident that my father needed someone to keep house for him, he considered asking Blanche to come. She visited for a few days, but it was quite obvious that she would have got on his nerves, so nothing came of this idea.

*No, I saw her in 1970 at Uncle Wood's funeral. She remarked that she did not like Salisbury. Not enough scope for her, I imagine."

December, 1996 - research from collection of George Elwood Richardson, III