Sell Your Genealogy Work To The World
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How would you like to make a few dollars and recognition for your hard earned family research?  Whether you have a multi-volume hard back publication with a fancy cover or simply some photocopied information you have collected over the years, you CAN sell it.

You don't have to be a published author with deep pockets, just a regular person who has visited the library and court houses and collected information to Sell It To The World by advertising on the Internet on Grandfathers Clock Web Pages.

You can sell your BOOK, your own PRINTED material or your DISK on the Internet.

How I Did It
I did it!  I have been selling my old newspaper information which I have collected since 1988.  First I printed it out from my computer and made copies.  I mailed out flyers to people who I thought might be interested and I sold a few.  In 1991 I put an advertisement on Compuserve, GEnie and AOL and started a dial up BBS.  That's when the orders really started rolling in.  Two years ago I started using the World Wide Web and now the whole world has access immediately to my advertisement.  Besides the US and Canada I've had inquiries from all around the world.  Click Here To See My Ad Page

What You Can Do
You decide how much you want to charge and how you want to distribute your collection.  You don't need a published book, you can sell your photocopied material, handwritten material or computer printout.  You can actually copyright your compiled data easily (Click here for link to US Copyright Office)  If you have a computer, it's actually easier and cheaper to make a disk.  A disk can be easily made from your genealogy program or word processor. Disks cost less than 50 cents and can be mailed for less than a dollar (postage and envelope).

How Much Does It Cost
We take no commission or percent of sales. We don't get involved at all in the sale. That's between you and the buyer.
People order directly from you via mail and you send it to them.  We just set up your ad for the World to see.

For $24 a YEAR you can advertise on Grandfathers Clock and we will do this for you:

(1) List your work with a brief description on a general index of works for sale with a link to your own page.

(2) Create a personal ad page describing the work in greater detail and a page with an order form to be printed out by the buyer to mail to you for purchase.

(3) Link your EMail address to your ad and page so buyers can contact you directly.

For $24, your advertisment can be on the Internet for the whole world to see for a year.  That's less than the cost of a classified ad in your local newspaper for a week or in a monthly genealogy publication.

Grandfathers Clock is visited often and by people from all over the world.  While we don't have a visitor counter set (yet), the site and contents can be found by any of the Web search engines Web CrawlerLycos, and Excite.

Inexpensively you can publish yourself, share your information and make a few dollars too.  If you are interested, just think about what you'd like your ad to say and let me know by EMail.

May 1998, Web Page Author George "Buddy" Richardson