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Cala Sawyer (10/11/1814 Hardin Co., KY - 3/16/1905 Coles Station, Moultrie Co., IL)
William Graham (2/6/1814 Ft. Harrison, Vigo Co., IN-1/18/1857 Moultrie Co., IL) m 8/11/1830 Shelby Co., IL

         Jonathan Graham (9/14/1831 Coles Co. IL-9/28/1904)

        Martha Graham (3/12/1833 Coles Co. IL-4/7/1854)

        Charles Graham (4/28/1835 Coles Co. IL-9/14/1835)

        Martillas Graham (9/8/1836 Moultrie Co. IL-4/15/1854)

        Rebecca Graham (3/6/1839 Moultrie Co. IL-12/4/1873) m. 3/26/1857
        Ephraim Darlen Purvis (12/11/1831 IL-1/10/1915 St. Clair Co., MO)

        William F. Graham (10/12/1841 Moultrie Co. IL-4/14/1844)

        Mary P. Graham (12/26/1843 Moultrie Co. IL-6/4/1901 Leavenworth, KS) m.
        Enoch Berry Purvis (6/?/1833 IL-2/24/1907 Ks City)

        Israel Graham (12/11/1846 Moultrie Co.IL-8/4/1847)

        Elizabeth M. Graham (7/19/1848 Moultrie Co. IL-9/9/1868)

        Samuel Elery Graham (10/12/1850 Moultrie Co. IL-12/24/1921)

        Phananda Graham (2/3/1853 Moultrie Co. IL-7/17/1928)

        Francis Cole Graham (1/11/1856 Moultrie Co. IL-11/23/1928)

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