Page prepared by Donald Richardson

William Daniel Richardson [bottom left] age 19  from Derek Richardson Collection

I just finished looking up the ships my grandfather Richardson was on during 1902-1903. His Naval career was cut short when he lost both of his brothers (George July 15, 1902 and Jacob May 5, 1903) due to accidents within a year of each other. He was then was the only male offspring left in his family and was discharged from the Navy December 1903.


USS Concord PG-3 c1892

USS Columbia C-12 c 1897

USS Hancock AP-3 c1917

Here are pictures of 3 of his ships: the gunboat USS Concord PG3, the commerce raider USS Columbia C12, and the troop carrier USS Hancock AP3- all Spanish American War Vets. The USS Columbia set a speed record on a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in under 7 days (18.4 knots). The hardest picture to find was the second USS Hancock. On the web out of 400+ hits for USS Hancock only 3 were not for the WW II aircraft carrier CV19!

The frigates USS Pensacola and USS Independence

The other two ships: USS Pensacola (Civil War Vet) and USS Independence (War of 1812 vet - served 98 years in the US Navy) were wooden ships: USS Pensacola and USS Independence and they were both burned at Hunter's Point (San Francisco) in the mud flats to get their metal fittings around 1912.

USS O'Bannon DD-450 c1966 Pacific Ocean

And as for me, I found my old destroyer USS O'Bannon DD450 (WW II [commissioned 1942: Fletcher Class], Korea, Vietnam vet). She was scrapped in 1970. The most decorated destroyer in the Navy (see ribbon board on bridge) and escorted the USS Missouri for the peace signing of WW II in the Tokyo Wan... but never had a combat casualty aboard.