Page prepared by Donald Richardson (1937-2015)  from "NOTES ON MOUNT EPHRAIM" By William R. Bishop, Jr. (October 1966)

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[retyped by Donald Richardson from hard to read photocopy]

Dec. 20, 1675 granted by the Lord Proprietor to Robert Richardson for 2000 a.

On the seaboard of a place called "Boquetenorton"

"Mount Ephraim" is also sometimes (or part of it) called "Watermelon Point".

"Mount Ephraim" is next to and north of "Middle".

"Patrick Hills" or "St. Patrick Hills" was next to "Mount Ephraim", "Simpleton", and "Middle".

"Simpleton" (also called "Bishop Purchase" (1677), and a part called "Hammondís Choice") was next to Selbyís Bay, next to "Patrick Hills" and to "Durham House" and north of Henry Bishopís land.

Watermellon(sic) Point on late nineteenth century and current maps is about three miles south of Public Landing and one mile + north of Selbyís Bay (Rattlesnake Island lies between Selbyís Bay on the east and Boquetenorton Bay on the west) and due east of Boxiron.

Robert Richardsonís will 1680/82 left 1000 a. of "Mount Ephraim" (on the north side of neck) to his son William; 350 a. to daughter Elizabeth; and 500 a. to son Charles. Elizabeth and her husband, Robert Cade, sold her part to her brother William. William died without heirs and his lands were divided between his sister Tabitha (who married Parker Selby). These lands 650 a. passed to their sons Daniel and Parker Selby, Jr., and his brother Charles (who according the rent rolls had 1250 a. of "Mount Ephraim" in c. 1707). Robert Richardson (c. 1682) also left 650 a. "Watermellon" to Captain John Osborne on "Tanne house Creek" to son William (under 15 in 1689).

Charles Richardson (d. 1727 s/o Robert) left nothing in his will to his son Robert, but he did name him as an executor of his will and had probably given him land already (as eldest son?). Charles left son William 164 a. of "Mount Ephraim" (which William and his wife Anna sold in 1743 to her brother Robert); left farm house (unnamed) to son Charles (under 21 in 1720); and farm next to home farm and near Huckleberry Branch to son James (under 18 in 1720).

Robert Richardson (d. 1787/8, s/o Charles) left 30 a. to grandson Robert Richardson (s/o John); left dwelling plantation to son Robert; rest of his property to be divided equally between his sons John, Levi and Robert and daughters Mary Schoolfield and Esher Pettit, except land bought from Robert Cade ("Mount Ephraim" 250 a.) and from James Richardson (brother) which went to granddaughter Ann (d/o Levi). Earlier in 1740 he had given his grandson Benjamin Bishop, Jr. (s/o Anne and Benjamin Bishop) part of "Mount Ephraim" on the seaboard at a place called "Boquetenorton".

John Richardson (s/o Robert who died 1787/8) do not have his will.

Robert Richardson (d. 1793, s/o John) left only son Benjamin (under age in 1794) 2 a. of land called Creek House (is this the house on Tan House Creek??); everything else to wife Sarah and daughters Zipporah and Sarah.

From hereon, I have only fragmentary notes on "Mount Ephraim". They go as follows:

John Bishop in 1811 bought part of "Mount Ephraim" and other lands from George Holston and Rhodah his wife (late Rhodah Bratten) who got it from James Bratten deceased. John Bishop sold part of this in 1811 to James B. Robins, and another part in1814 to Thomas Mitchell.

Molly (Mary) Bishop sold part of "Mount Ephraim" 1821 and especially her dower rights from marriage with Thomas Richardson to (her son) Benjamin T. Richardson. (Mary Sturgis Richardson Smith married 1796 Samuel Bishop).

Ara Spence sold 245.5 a. "Mount Ephraim" 8/31/1864 to Edward A. Richardson. When Edward A. Richardson (1832-1906) died the trustee, Oliver D. Collins, sold this as 233 a. to son George E. Richardson, who was living there. (On my map this farm is about Ĺ mile inland from the present residence of Paul Jones - thereon marked as residence of J. Richardson - and just south of Pawpaw or Richardson Creek. Further west lay the farm of J. H. Richardson, and north of that the residence of B. T. Richardson - just south of Spence). This part of "Mount Ephraim" lay northwest of another farm belonging to Edward A. Richardsonís estate which was sold at the same time to John M. Richardson, Henry L. Richardson, Sallie E. Rowley and William F. Richardson (children of Edward A.) (This latter is probably the farm Cousin Mollie Davis mentions in her letter that her mother did not want to sell. On my map of c. 1880 it is marked as owned and occupied by Z. Truitt and lies just north of the Tan House Creek. It includes, I believe, the house "incorrectly" called "Fairfield Farms" and the grave of Thomas Purnell lie three miles to the north - which I think is probably one of the original Richardson homes!)

George E. Richardson, Sr. And his wife, Prealy Fay, sold their part of "Mount Ephraim" c. 233 a. on 4/20/1934 to Paul M. Jones.

James B. Robins bought 5/14/1824 "Runnemeade" 890 a. (made up of parts of "Mount Ephraim", "Middle" , and Simpleton" lying next to each other on the seaside) from the estate of Robert M. Richardson (c. 8/10/1803).

W. D. Barnes lived in the "Mansion House" about 1880 according to map.

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