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 John Edward Tremble I (8/18/1876 Mattoon, Coles Co., IL - 3/26/1963 Arlington, Riverside Co., CA) 
 (1) Della Ethel Grove m 10/9/1894 in Los Angeles, CA, (d/o David Groves and Sarah Beamer)

         Louis Ray Tremble (2/1/1898 Wilmar, Los Angeles, CA - 6/2/1967 in Banning, Riverside, CA)

        Faye Hazel Tremble (11/ 6/1899 Los Angeles, CA - 3/18/1955 in Los Angeles, CA)

        Haven Grove Tremble (12/21/1900 Los Angeles, CA - 6/25/1975 Apple Valley, San Bernardino, CA)

        John Edward Tremble II (12/13/1903 Los Angeles, CA - 11/23/1937 Hawthorne, CA) m 5/11/1922
        Carmenata Viariena Laws in San Bernardino, CA (d/o  Junius Laws and Josephine Zabala)

  (2) Emily Jane Tozier m 7/19/1910 in San Diego, CA, (d/o George Tozier and Sarah Bessey)


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