Page prepared by Donald Richardson

This is a page to show you how to use this Web Site and how to communicate with the people who have put it together.

The design philosophy of this page was to have a top down ancestor chart starting with Robert and Susanna (Smith) Richardson. "hot links" are used throughout the Web Site to branch to different pages within the site. These are generally blue colored, underlined words (you may have different color options on your system). You will notice that the color of "hot links" will change (to purple on some browsers) once you use the link indicating that you have taken that path and that it has been recorded in your "history file." Normally the "hot link" are used to move forward in time through the various descendant lines. As an example of "hot link" use scan down the initial page of the Web Site and click on "Follow the descendants of Robert and Susanna (Smith) Richardson forward in time". This brings up the page for the family of Robert and Susanna (Smith) Richardson. Click on the name of their son "Charles " * . This will take you forward in time one generation to the page for the Charles Richardson family. To go back up the chart one generation, click on "Return to previous generation" located at the bottom of the page. To go back to the initial page on the Web Site (page containing the Mt. Ephraim picture) click on "Return to top page " located at the bottom of the page or use your browser’s "Back" feature. In addition, you can "Go Back" ( a java script link at the bottom of some pages, which takes you back one step in your "history file". If you do not see "date last updated" on the bottom left of each page on this site, your browser may not support Java Script and the "Go Back" will not work) .

A second use of "hot link" is to allow users to make comments or ask questions of the people who prepared the various pages on the Web Site. For example, starting at the initial page of the Web Site again and clicking on "Follow the descendants of Robert and Susanna (Smith) Richardson forward in time" you will return to the page containing the family of Robert and Susanna (Smith) Richardson. If you click on "Donald Richardson" in the sentence at the top of the page which reads "Page prepared by Donald Richardson from charts of William R. Bishop Jr." , an email message will be started with either the browser or email system you are using on your computer. These email "hot link" are generally located at either the top or bottom of the pages although a few are in the text. If you get an email message screen but want to branch to another page of the descendancy chart, cancel the email message and find another "hot link" on the page.

A third group of "hot link" can be found by clicking on "Qwik links to Surnames on this Web Site" on this Web Site which is found by scanning down the initial page of the Web Site. Clicking on a surname in this list will take you to the page in the Richardson descendancy chart where the surname first occurs. For the Richardson surname a "RICHARDSON " Qwik list finder is also available. The alphabet is used to branch you to the first names of Richardsons beginning with the letter chosen. For example, to find Donald Richardson in the list, first click on "[D]" to locate names beginning with D. Then move to and click on "Donald Charles RICHARDSON" to take you to where the name first appears in the descendancy chart, i.e. on the page where his parents are listed.

Please enjoy yourself looking over our site and send any of us an email if you have questions, suggestions or information regarding lines which have not been covered. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

* For example, my complete line is " Robert > Charles > Robert > John > Robert > John > Daniel Linder > Jacob Franklin > Daniel William > George Robert > Donald Charles" (me). For the return trip, you can use the "Return to previous generation " link on some pages or on some pages, click on the "name " (much like the example in the last sentence). The pages were done by different people who used different formats, but they will all lead you to where you want to go.

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