Ancestors of Nancy Ann Hardin

Nancy Ann HARDIN was born ca 1763 in (probably) Frederick Co.,VA.  Her parents are believed to be

Mark HARDIN (b 1735 Prince Wm. Co, VA d 1792 Nelson Co., KY)   & Ann HARTLEY mar ca 1763 in Frederick Co.,VA.

Other children of Mark & Ann HARDIN

Henry ‘Short Henry’    (b 19 Sep 1764 Hampshire Co.,VA d 19 Oct 1839)    mar. (1) Mary  DAVIS  (2) Jane SMITH
John ‘Big John’            (b 14 Aug 1767   d 3 Apr 1850 ,IL ?)    mar. Elizabeth PAINE 1794
Mark ‘Stumpy Mark’
Benjamin ‘Stiller Ben’   (b 1765 d 1820 Washington Co.,KY)   mar. Elizabeth CLARKE 3 Nov 1796
Catherine                     (mar. Thomas HALLET)
Hannah                        (mar. Henry STALCUP)
Mary                           (mar. John SUMMERS 25 Feb 1799)
Lydia                           (mar. Jacob ROUNDER 4 Sep 1801)

Mark HARDIN’s parents were Major John HARDIN (b 1710 Northumberland Co.,VA d 13 Oct 1789 Nelson Co.,KY) & Catherine MARR (b ca 1710 Stafford Co.,VA (?) d 1770 Fayette Co.,PA).  Married ca 1732 in Prince Wm. Co.,VA.  Moved to Frederick Co ca 1740 where he served as sheriff.  The story is told that when John Hardin led a contingent in 1754 of Frederick County men to the call of the Virginia militia commander, one George Washington, some were jailed after trying to relieve their boredom.  Believing free men should not be confined, they tore the jail down and returned home.  Over the next four years he was active in the French & Indian Wars where he served as lieutenant and captain. 1767-69 one of the pioneer settlers on Georges Creek in Monongahela Valley (Springfield Township) Fayette Co.,PA where was Justice of the Peace, built boats and equipped militia expeditions.

 Other children of Major John and Catherine HARDIN

John Jr. ‘Miller John’   (b 2 Jun 1733 Prince Wm. Co.,VA d 3 May 1803 Georges Ck.,VA)  mar  Isabella STRAWBRIDGE
Mary ‘Polly’                (b 1731-35 Prince Wm. Co.,VA)    mar. General Owen THOMAS
Benjamin                     (b 1739 d 1820 Washington Co.,KY) mar Sarah Ellen HARDIN ca 1765)
Wm. ‘Indian Bill’         (b ca 1747 Frederick,VA d 22 Jul 1821 Hardinsburg,KY)    mar. (1)  Winifred HOLTSCLAW ca 1774
                                   (2) Susan MCGEE 9 Jul 1808
Jesse                           (b 1751)   mar. Ms SINNETT
Abigail                         (b 1753)   mar. Mr. LYNCH
Catherine                     (b 1755)   mar. Mr. BURNET
Elizabeth                      (b 1757)   mar. Mr. MARTIN
Susannah                     (b 1759)   mar. Mr. WALKER

Ann HARTLEY is believed to be the dau of Jno HARTLEY who signed a will in Hampshire Co.,VA/Hardy Co.,WVA.

Major John HARDIN’s parents are thought to be Marc (Marcus) HARDIN (b Mar 1681 Staten Island,NY d 1 May 1735 Prince Wm. Co.,VA)  & Mary HOGE (HOGUE) (b 1688 Northumberland Co.,VA d 1735 Prince Wm. Co.,VA).    Married ca 1708 Northumberland Co.,VA.  Moved ca 1715 to Elk Run settlement in Fauquier Co.,VA where over the next several years he owned various tracts of land.  His will probated 21 May 1735.

Other children of Marc and Mary HARDIN

Martin ‘Ruffle Shirt’            (b 1716) tavern keeper,                     mar. Lydia WATERS ca 1740 (d 4 Mar 1778)
Mark                                  (b ca 1718 Northumberland Co.,VA)  mar. (1) Elizabeth ASHBY (2) Susanah
Henry                                 (b 1720 Prince Wm.,VA d 1796 Pittsylvania,VA)        mar. Judith LYNCH
Anne ‘Nancy’                     (b 1722)                                           mar.  (1) Henry HOLTZCLAW  (2) Jacob HOLTZCLAW
Abigail                                (b ca 1726 Prince Wm.,VA)
Elizabeth                             (b ca 1728 Prince Wm.,VA)
Mary                                  (b ca 1732 Prince Wm.,VA)
Martha                               (b ca 1734 Prince Wm.,VA)               mar. James MACDONALD

Catherine MARR’s father was John MARR (b ca 1663 in France d May 1744 Prince Wm.,VA) his mother was unknown but they likely married in VA ca 1690.  John MARR married (2) Mrs. Elizabeth (FISHBACK) RECTOR ca 1729.  He emigrated to Northumberland Co.,VA ca 1688 and is named in various property transactions as well as the Lancaster Co. tithables list of 1695 & 96.  His will proved 28 May 1744.  The MARR, HARDIN, HOLTZCLAW and other Huguenot families established long-standing relationships over time which may have begun in Europe and continued as the families participated in the western movement of colonists in North America.

  Other children of John Marr & unknown

Christopher          (b ca 1692 Lancaster Co.,VA d Mar 1780 Pittsylvania,VA)    mar. Abigail)
Daniel                 (b ca 1693 d Jun 1753 Prince Wm.,VA)                                 mar. Ann
Mary                           mar. (1) Thomas KINGCART Jr. (2) John BRADFORD ca 1717

Marcus Hardin’s parents were Martin HARDIN (HARDEWYN) (b ca 1648 in France d 1706 Prince Wm. Co., VA)  & Madeleine DU SAUCHOY (b 1656 Richmond Co.,NY).  Their marriage bans were published 5 Mar 1671 in the Dutch Reformed Church of New York (New Amsterdam).  The HARDIN and DU SAUCHOY families are both believed to be French Huguenots.

  Other children of Martin & Madeleine HARDIN

Abraham ( ch 15 May 1673 Dutch Reformed Church, New Amsterdam)
Isaac  (ch 15 May 1673 Dutch Reformed Church, New Amsterdam - twin)
Elizabeth (ch 19 Feb 1676 Dutch Reformed Church, New Amsterdam)
Jacob  (ch 13 Mar 1678 Dutch Reformed Church, New Amsterdam)

Mary HOGE (HOGUE)’s parents were William HOGE (HOGUE)  b 1660 Musselburg, Midlothian, Scotland, emigrated in 1680 to Perth Amboy in Middlesex Co.,NJ and d 8 Aug 1749 at Kernstown in Frederick Co.,VA & Barbara HUME b 1670 Paisley, Scotland d 1745 Kernstown, Frederick,VA.  She emigrated as a 10 year old child on the same ship as her future husband and lost her parents to the plague on the voyage.  They married 1685 Perth Amboy, NJ.

Other children of William & Barbara HOGE (HOGUE)

Margaret                                               mar. Dr. Robert WHITE)
John                                       (b 1699)   mar. Gwenthelyn Bowan DAVIS in 1722 (d 11 Oct 1745 Lancaster,PA)

Madeleine DU SAUCHOY’s parents are thought to be Marc DU SAUCHOY (DISOSWAY) (b 1626 in France d after 1706 Staten Island,NY)   & Elizabeth ROSSIGNOL (NACHTIGALL) (b ca 1637 in France).  They married ca 1657 which is also the year of his arrival in New Amsterdam on the ship ‘Draetaat’.  For twenty years he was a farmer and miller in Long Island, Harlem and Fordham.  Member of the Dutch Reformed Church in New Amsterdam or Brooklyn but in 1683 joined the French Church.  Last known to be living on his 225 acres on Long Island in 1706. Ms ROSSIGNOL’s name was said to be at times written NATCHIGAAL, the Dutch word for nightingale.

Other children of Marc & Elizabeth DU SAUCHOY

Marcus                       (ch 21 Mar 1659)    mar. Jannettie
Janetties                      (ch 17 Dec 1662)
Jean                            (ch 25 Oct 1665)
Marie                          (ch 13 Oct 1669)

Barbara HUME’s parents are believed to be James HUME (b ca 1650 in Scotland)  & Marjorie LAMBERT  (b ca 1650  Scotland.)

Sources:  I have borrowed much from the work of others. Useful references are  Hardin and Harding of VA and KY by Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, 1963 & 1965; History of the Hardin Family in the Early Settling of KY by Jack Hardin, Jr. 1915; various issues of the "Harden-in-ing Newsletter" published by Oran Hardin ; some of the best referenced information comes from Family Chapters on the HARDIN, MARR & HOGUE families prepared by James Lou Poole.  Comment & corrections to author Mike Judd  please.

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