The Ancestors of Mary BRATTEN

Mary BRATTEN b ca 1760 Worcester Co, MD - d between 1803 - 1806 Elizabethtown, Hardin, KY.

The reader will note references to Somerset and Worcester Counties on the eastern shore of Maryland.  Somerset county was formed August 1666 and Worcester County was formed from the eastern or seaward side of Somerset in 1742.  Hence people have been born in Somerset and died in Worcester without moving a mile.

Mary Bratten’s parents were Nathaniel BRATTEN b ca 1732 Somerset Co, MD - d 1800 Worcester Co, MD and Comfort DALE b ca 1742 Worcester Co, MD d before 18 Nov. 1806 when her estate was probated in Worcester Co, MD.  [Per Dr. Bishop there were two - three Nathaniel Brattens in the Eastern Shore of  MD at the time. Another was b ca 1793 d 1825, son of Adam d 1809 -- and he had a son Nathaniel as well] Ours is registered with several property transactions including‘ Albany’ patented 15 Sep. 1764 for 45 acres, ‘Double Purchase’ patented 1765 for 130 acres and in 1783 paid tax on 130 acres in Bogerternortin Hundred.  Will signed 1787 and probated 4 Feb. 1800 in which his wife and children are noted.

  Other children of Nathaniel and Comfort Bratten

Samuel  (d 1791)
Susannah ‘Hannah’ (mar Lemuel BISHOP and d Rush Co, IN)
Catherine ‘Caty’ (b ca 1780  d 1830  mar Benjamin RICHARDSON 26 Jun 1798)

Nathaniel BRATTEN’s father was Dr. Samuel ‘the elder’ BRATTEN b ca 1694 in Somerset Co, MD - d before May 1759 in Somerset Co, MD -- his mother is unknown.

  Other children of Samuel ‘the elder’ BRATTEN

Hugh (b 1713 Somerset Co ,MD)
John (b ca 1728 Somerset Co, MD mar Temperance)
William (b bef 1730 Somerset Co, MD d 1793 father of Adam & William Jr.)

Comfort Dale’s parents were ‘Inspector’ John DALE Jr. b bet 1712 - 1718 Somerset Co, MD - d 1782 Worcester Co, MD and Hannah STEVENSON d aft 1746 Worcester Co, MD.  They married 25 Feb. 1735/36 in Somerset Co, MD.  John grew up on his father's plantation More Huss and later made numerous adjacent land purchases.  He gave ca 600 acres to his sons in his will which was probated 8 Jan 1782.  Worked as a Tobacco Inspector in the warehouse in Newport Town.  Family records found in the St. Martin's Episcopal Church parish records. Manor house was located on ‘Second Addition’. Married (2) Sarah (KIRK) TOWNSEND.

  Other children of John and Hannah DALE

Josiah (b 29 Nov. 1736/37 Somerset Co, MD d Nov. 1795 mar Tabitha CAMBELL  (HOLLAND) ca 1755 served as Captain in MD Militia during the Revolution)
Joshua  (b 9 Feb. 1737/38 d 1764 Worcester Co, MD mar Sarah CAMPBELL)
James   (b 1 Nov. 1740 mar Margaret READ ca 1764)
William  (b 9 Mar 1741/42)
Mathew (b 17 Oct. 1745/46 d 1814 Nicholas Co, KY mar Catherine PURNELL)

Dr. Samuel Bratten’s parents were James Bratten d 1720 Somerset Co, MD and Jane d 1732 Worcester Co, MD.  James signed a will 1 Jan 1719/20.

  Other children of James and Jane BRATTEN

Quanton (b 1693 d 1731 mar Hannah and fathered Joshua and Mary)

‘Inspector’ John DALE Jr.’s parents were Archibald DALE b 5 Jun 1691 Somerset Co, MD - d 1767 Worcester Co, MD and Margaret d bet 1767-69 Worcester Co, MD.  He grew up on his father's plantation Oak Hill located near the head of the Pocomoke River.  Inherited his father's land More Huss located near the head of the St. Martin's River which is located in NE portion of Worcester County.

  Other children of Archibald and Margaret DALE

Archibald Jr. "Archie" (d 1777 Worcester Co, MD mar Margaret)
Mary  ( mar Soloman BAKER 4 Jun 1741   d ca 1753 Worcester Co, MD)
Samuel  (b ca 1737 Somerset Co, MD  d ca 1799 Worcester Co, MD)

Archibald DALE’s parents were John DALE b bef 1665 probably in Ireland, emigrated between 1683-86 from Londonderry, IRE.  He d Feb. 1708 Somerset Co, MD and Katherine FLETCHER who d after 30 Sept. 1718.  They possibly mar 1688 in Somerset County and lived on a 200 acre tract called Oak Hill which had been surveyed for him 16 Dec 1686.  John was listed as one of the signers of the Address of Loyalty to William and Mary of England and to the Protestant Religion dated 12 Nov. 1689.  A tract called More Huss was obtained from his (likely) father in law John FLETCHER on 23 Nov. 1697.  Katherine and a Edward Davis filed bond for John's estate on 17 Feb. 1708.

  Other children of John and Katherine DALE

Mary  (b 30 Nov. 1689 Somerset Co, MD)

Katherine FLETCHER’s father was believed to be John FLETCHER who signed a will on 15 Feb. 1708 in Somerset Co, MD -- her mother was unknown.

Sources:  I have borrowed extensively from personal correspondence with Dr. William R Bishop Jr. and from The Dales of Eastern Shore Maryland and Tennessee  by Clarice Neal published May 1986.  Ms Neal can be reached at 2209 Shoal Creek Blvd. Austin, TX  78705. Comment and corrections to author Mike Judd

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